Granbury Carpet Cleaning's Carpet Cleaning

Phone: (817) 902 2789


Quick Description

Granbury Carpet Cleaning is locally owned and all work is done by the owner and or trained tech. Each additional room is $25 for wand cleaning and $40 for RotoVac Cleaning.

What is included:

All stains and traffic areas are pre-treated to be easily removed during the rinse. Their are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. The only things we charge extra for are carpet protecters ( Scoch Guard ) and repairs such as red stain removal and carpet stretching.

Wand Carpet Cleaning

2 Room Minimum $59.95

RotoVac Carpet Cleaning

2 Room Minimum 79.95

Wand Carpet Cleaning

3 Rooms $89.95

RotoVac Carpet Cleaning

3 Rooms 119.95

Wand Carpet Cleaning

4 Rooms $119.95

RotoVac Carpet Cleaning

4 Rooms 159.95

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